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Property Investment Pattaya

Posted by Webmaster on January 14, 2020
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Have you ever thought of buying a property in Pattaya? Because buying a property in Pattaya is a really good investment. Many customers that have bought the last 7 years have made a great return on the property. A good example is the Riviera Jomtien this has turned out to be one of the best condominium developments in Pattaya and every customer that has bought in this project has made an amazing return on investment.

Condo oversupply

During the condo oversupply in Pattaya in the last 3 years many foreign investors benefited from this situation and bought units for a very low price. These units are being rent out now and fetch an average of 6% on rent every year. In 5 or 7 years, these units will be sold on the market for a much higher price. The investors not only get the 6% yearly, but also get a high capital appreciation when selling the condo and this makes it a very good investment.

Pattaya property investment

Selling condos

Property investment is a long-term commitment and you will have to wait until the prices go up, that may be in 5-7 years after you have bought a good property. There is no possible way to sell your condo overnight and flip it with a high profit within a short period of time. Pattaya will soon transform into a big modern city and the property prices are on the rise in this popular beachtown.

Property investment advice

When you need advice on a property investment in Pattaya, do not hesitate to reach out. Property For Sale Pattaya has helped out many foreigners over the last 10 years to buy a property here in Pattaya. Many of these buyers have made a decent profit on their purchase or retired in the city.

Property For Sale Pattaya
Property For Sale Pattaya

We speak many languages and know the Pattaya area very well. Our team is here to assist and advise to find the right property for you. Visit our home page to see more Pattaya Condos for sale.

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